NetTowel Day

By ubaumann, Wed 25 May 2022, modified Wed 25 May 2022, in category Brief Byte

nettowel, tools

Happy Towel Day!

nettowel is a collection of useful network automation functions. The Python project started with a need to combine some scripts used to demonstrate network automation functions like rendering templates or screen scraping.

Hopefully, the function scope will evolve over time. So far the following function scopes are available and under construction:

Rendering Jinja2 Template

renderin jinja2 template with nettowel

Execute CLI command with Netmiko

execute cli command with netmiko and nettowel

Screen Scaping with TTP

convert cli output to structered text with nettowel

Execute RestConf calls

get restconf data with nettowel

More details and screenshots can be found on the GitHub page InfrastructureAsCode-ch/nettowel.