NetAut-FS24 lecture recording

By ubaumann, Mon 25 March 2024, modified Mon 25 March 2024, in category Brief Byte


This semester (February 19, 2024, to June 7, 2024), I am once again instructing the module on Network Automation for Bachelor of Computer Science students at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences.

All 14 lectures will be recorded and made available on the YouTube Playlist to ensure accessibility and flexibility for students. This enables them to catch up on missed lectures or review lessons before exams (and yes, the videos can be watched at 1.75 times the speed 😉). Additionally, anyone interested can also access and benefit from the videos.

Each lecture is condensed into a 45-minute session, limiting the depth of detail I can cover. Consequently, students are encouraged to engage in self-study by consulting relevant documentation and provided reading lists for each topic. The lectures are complemented by practical exercises and two graded automation projects. Both slides and exercises are accessible on the university's GitLab server and are typically updated shortly before each lecture. The latest PDFs can be found via the CI/CD pipeline. Repositories: NetAut

I am pleased to announce that the first five lecture videos have already been uploaded. Please note that the remaining nine videos will be released every Friday, except for Good Friday (March 29) and the semester break (April 12), until June 7th.

Week 1: Kickoff, YAML, Jinja2

Week 2: Intro to Network Automation Tools/Frameworks/Solutions

Week 3: Guest Lecture Ivan Pepelnjakt - Real-Flife Network Automation

Week 4: Ansible for Network Automation

Week 5: Nornir